About R4D Review

The IITA R4D Review is a six-monthly magazine intended to help IITA with research & development partners, investors, collaborators, and beneficiaries discuss and develop the best new ideas for people creating, leading, and transforming tropical agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

The R4D Review has six sections:

  • Features provides an in-depth, rigorous presentation of a significant advance in research-for-development thinking and its application to real world needs that help establish an intellectual agenda for discussion—and change—within the organizations and for society at large.
  • Best Practice describes the how and why behind a successful research-for-development achievement.
  • Tool Box provides a nuts-and-bolts explanation of a useful research-for-development tool that can be translated into action in many different situations.
  • Who’s Who recounts a personal story of an IITA staff that contains lessons for colleagues.
  • Looking In features people from outside IITA whose ideas hold salient lessons for those within IITA.
  • Frontiers is a forum for forward-looking articles that explore new science and technology trends affecting development needs (i.e., starting projects or technologies in the pipeline).

The R4D Review is looking for new sources of solid, useful ideas that can improve research-for-development practice. Please submit your contributions or participate in the R4D Review interactive site at www.iita.org/r4dreview. The general guidelines for contributions are also available at this site. Prospective authors can also send submissions, communications, comments, and suggestions to: The Editor, R4D Review. The quickest is to email r4dreview@iita.org

Headquarters: IITA, PMB 5320, Ibadan, Nigeria
International mailing address: IITA, Carolyn House, 26 Dingwall Road, Croydon CR9 3EE, UK
Telephone: (234 2) 751 7472
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IITA R4D Review
Editorial board
Paula Bramel, Victor Manyong, Robert Asiedu, and David Chikoye

Creative and production team
Concept: Eric Koper
Editor: Katherine Lopez
Copy editor: Rose Umelo
Creative production team: Juba Adegboyega and Godson Bright
Online production team: Matija Obreza and Kenneth Oraegbunam

The IITA R4D Review is published by IITA, Africa’s leading research partner in finding solutions for hunger and poverty.

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