Nigeria releases improved cassava varieties

Nigeria has released two new improved cassava varieties developed through a collaborative effort between IITA and the Nigerian Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI), Umudike. The two varieties are originally recognized as IITA-developed genotypes IITA-TMS-I982132 and IITA-TMS-I011206, now known as UMUCASS 42 and UMUCASS 43, respectively.

Both varieties performed well in different cassava production regions of Nigeria with high yield, high dry matter, and good disease resistance. The roots of these varieties are yellow and contain moderate levels of provitamin A.

The potential maximum yield of the two varieties is between 49 and 53 t/ha, according to pre-varietal release trials that were conducted between 2008 and 2010. Local varieties produce less than 10 t/ha. The varieties are also resistant to major pests and diseases that affect cassava in the country including cassava mosaic disease, cassava bacterial blight, cassava anthracnose, cassava mealybug, and cassava green mite.

The varieties are good for high quality cassava flour—a trait sought after by researchers for the cassava transformation agenda in Nigeria; have high dry matter which is positively related to starch and important for cassava value chain development; have high leaf retention which is positively related to drought tolerance and is crucial for cassava production in the drier regions and in mitigating the impact of climate change, with moderate levels of betacarotene for enhancing nutrition.

9 thoughts on “Nigeria releases improved cassava varieties

  1. I must commend your efforts at reaching this achievement of improved cassava varieties. I have interest in your new improved varieties. how can I access or get them?

  2. Thanks to IITA. Are the new developed varieties available for farmers to purchase this year 2014 planting season?

  3. This is a good discovery and quit interesting. I would like to know where to get the stem for my farm

  4. This development is very well appreciated and welcomed. It is a giant step towards our quest for food security and agro revolution.
    I however want to enquire how to go about getting this varieties. I hope to start a cassava farm soon. Please do mail me the details of how to get these improved varieties.

  5. Awesome research result. Please, I will be glad if I can get lead to access 50 bundle – mixture of UMU42 or UMU43 stem.
    Thanks and more success in your researches. God bless you all.

  6. I am a farmer and want plant the newly improved variety. How do I get it this farming season. thanks

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