Irish Aid

Peter Power, image by DFA
Peter Power, image by DFA

IITA was among eight CGIAR centers that will receive over €4 million in funding from Irish Aid.

Peter Power, Irish Minister of State for Overseas Development, said that the €4.4 million funding is a “central component” of Irish Aid’s response to the global food crisis. “More than 850 million people across the world today are hungry, while high food prices risk pushing 100 million additional people over the edge into hunger and poverty. Top quality agricultural research plays a crucial role in improving the performance and sustainability of agriculture. It will also help the poorest and most vulnerable farmers cope with the effects of climate change.”

IITA will receive €640,000 in funding. Other research centers selected include Biodiversity International, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and the World Potato Centre (CIP). Ireland has provided more than €20 million to support the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) this year, which includes €3 million to help mitigate the effects of price rises on the WFP’s existing food relief programs.

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